ATel 16149

Hard X-ray emission from the Ultra-luminous X-ray Source Swift J0243.6+6124 detected with INTEGRAL

ATel 15847

INTEGRAL detection of XTE J2012+381 during the earliest stages of its new outburst

ATel 15843

Hard X-ray emission from the transient source XTE J2012+381 detected with INTEGRAL

ATel 13676

INTEGRAL/GPS detects renewed activity from IGRJ18483-0311 and GRS1915+105

ATel 14295

INTEGRAL detects transient activity from IGR J00370+6122

ATel 14307

INTEGRAL simultaneous upper limits on the Fermi-LAT Galactic plane transient

ATel 13581

A new outburst of XTE J1812-182 detected by INTEGRAL/JEM-X

ATel 13569

Swift J1818.0-1607: NuSTAR and INTEGRAL observations of the new magnetar

ATel 13564

INTEGRAL/GPS detections of a new outburst from 4U 1630-47 and XTE J1701-407

ATel 13547

INTEGRAL/JEM-X detection of X-ray activity from V4641 Sgr

ATel 13540

INTEGRAL detection of hard X-ray activity from MAXI J1810-222

ATel 13474

INTEGRAL detects a rebrightening of the accreting neutron star XTE J1739-285

ATel 13473

INTEGRAL detects a rebrightening of the accreting neutron star XTE J1739-285

ATel 13466

INTEGRAL gamma-ray upper limits on the periodic FRB180916

ATel 13255

Transient Activity in recent GPS observations

ATel 13170

INTEGRAL observation of the nuclear transient AT2019pev and the TDE candidate AT2019qiz

ATel 13169

INTEGRAL observations of renewed activity of Swift J1713.4-4219

ATel 13155

INTEGRAL has identified MAXI J1749-310 to GRS 1747-312

ATel 13138

New outburst of XTE J1739-285 detected by INTEGRAL/JEM-X

ATel 13073

INTEGRAL and radio joint programme of FRB121102 during a renewed activity

ATel 13035

INTEGRAL observations of the Galactic Center region: Sgr A* and SAX J1808.4-3658.

ATel 12843

Swift Bulge Survey: X-ray activity of bursters KS 1741-293, IGR J17445-2747, SAX J1750.8-2900, and symbiotic X-ray binary XMMU J174445.5-295044

ATel 12840

IGR J14557-5448 is likely an AGN

ATel 12812

Renewed hard X-ray activity of SAX J2103.5+4545 detected by INTEGRAL

ATel 12772

INTEGRAL observations of renewed activity from IGR J18483-0311 and of the unusual dimming trend of GRS 1915+105

ATel 12755

INTEGRAL and Neil Gehrels Swift observations of GRS 1915+105 during its recent low luminosity hard state may indicate the source is going towards quiescence

ATel 12751

Swift Bulge Survey detections of the X-ray transients SAX J1750.8-2900 and IGR J17445-2747

ATel 12704

INTEGRAL's detection of two Galactic X-ray transient sources: SWIFT J1858.6-0814 and 4U 1901+014

ATel 12659

INTEGRAL IBIS detection of PKS 1830-211 during the GeV gamma-ray outburst observed by the Fermi LAT

ATel 12651

Swift/XRT detection of the very faint X-ray binary transient IGR J17285-2922

ATel 12646

INTEGRAL detection of hard X-ray emission from the Very Faint X-ray Transient IGR J17285-2922

ATel 12628

INTEGRAL detects renewed activity from the microquasar XTE J1908+094

ATel 12578

INTEGRAL identified with SAX J1747.0-2853 a source of the X-ray outburst in the Galactic center region detected by MAXI

ATel 12502

INTEGRAL observations of the on-going outburst from the new X-ray transient Swift J1728.9-3613

ATel 12471

INTEGRAL sees the ongoing spectral transition of the black hole candidate MAXI J1348-630

ATel 12457

Reduction of the rate of flux increase during recent INTEGRAL hard state observations of the new transient black hole candidate MAXI J1348-630

ATel 12441

INTEGRAL's detection of evolution in MAXI J1348-630

ATel 12420

INTEGRAL GPS detects renewed activity from H1417-624 and GX 339-4

ATel 12418

INTEGRAL detection of the new transient MAXI J1631-479